My 10 Favourite Things About Christmas

Last year I wrote all about my favourite things about Christmas. I got so many lovely comments from people that I have decided to share it with you again. This is my final blog before Christmas. Over the last few weeks I have written about my order lead times, why it

Ordering Early

With this being only my second Christmas with Two Green Lane, I still sometimes think more as a customer than a business owner when it comes to Christmas. If I Continue Reading

Discovering the world of online marketplaces

  Running a personalised business, I have to plan ahead with Christmas and order cut off times are a lot sooner than if I sold pre-made items. As a result I was looking on one of the Kent Trader forums on Facebook for inspiration for Christmas events and saw an advert for an online market… Continue Reading

Why I started Two Green Lane

  When I launched my business I was very diligent in writing a blog once a week. I then changed the frequency to every 2 weeks and unsurprisingly it has now been a few months since I wrote a few words. Call it a mid-year resolution, but I Continue Reading

Having fun with March Meet The Maker

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen lots of activity in March. I took part in March Meet the Maker by Joanne Hawker. She set a challenge where everyday had a theme and you had to post a photo related to that theme. The idea of this was for my current followers… Continue Reading

Helping People Say Goodbye

We have written before about how over time we have learnt that what we make is more than a piece of jewellery to many people. It can capture moments, memories and can tell a story. It can also have an important role in helping people say goodbye. When we launched last year, we immediately had… Continue Reading

His and Hers

Before Christmas we were approached to produce a double order for a husband and wife. They wanted his and hers identical charms featuring the handprint of their little girl. The wife wanted hers on a snake chain and the husband wanted his on a plaited leather bracelet. We loved this idea so have decided to… Continue Reading

Celebrating Small Business Saturday

Saturday 3rd December it was Small Business Saturday. This was a day for supporting those who have taken that big leap of starting up their own business. Often these businesses are a one man band and sometimes they have a few employees. But the most important things is that they are small and not a… Continue Reading

A Weekend by the Sea

After the previous weekend being part of the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair with over 200 stall holders and grand elaborate stands, this weekend we experienced a very different craft fair. We packed up our jewellery and headed down to Rye Harbour for a weekend by the sea. Every year, Avocet Gallery in Rye Harbour put… Continue Reading

Our First Craft Fair

  It finally arrived, our first craft fair. And what a way to start, with the Wealden Times Midwinter Fair. I have plenty of experience in trade shows so felt fairly prepared, even if the experience was in beer trade shows. However, the first learning was that they are very different. We spent a lot… Continue Reading


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