Having fun with March Meet The Maker

21. Having fun with March Meet the Maker

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen lots of activity in March. I took part in Blog picMarch Meet the Maker by Joanne Hawker. She set a challenge where everyday had a theme and you had to post a photo related to that theme.
The idea of this was for my current followers to understand more about not only my business but also me and why I have so much passion for what I do. At the same time you hopefully meet lots of new people on Instagram- both fellow makers but also future friends and customers.

The posts ranged from everything from about me and my inspiration to using Boomerang and Hyperlapse videos to show my work in action.

Ask anyone who has a business social media account and they will tell you that it can sometimes be a struggle with content. You want to be posting fresh news and imagery but you also want to be posting regularly. And there is only so much content 1 small business has. However, doing this challenge has shown me that people not only want to see pictures of my work, but they also want to learn more about me, the person behind the brand. Sometimes I find myself hiding behind my brand and let it do the talking for me, but I now know that its ok to let people in to your personal life a little and show them who you are.

Some of the themes were a little challenging such as

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