His and Hers

17. His and Hers

Before Christmas we were approached to produce a double order for a husband and wife. They wanted his and hers identical charms featuring the handprint of their little girl. The wife wanted hers on a snake chain and the husband wanted his on a plaited leather bracelet. We loved this idea so have decided to offer it as a Valentines special. It also got us thinking about the impact of children on a couple and the role of Valentines Day.

Having a child is a life changing experience for a couple. You still maintain and even grow the love you have for your partner, but you find a new type of love, just for your child, that you never knew existed. It is as if your soul had been saving it for that day you meet your child for the first time. Having a child also creates a new found bond between you and your partner. You suddenly have new experiences that you can share. Together you have a created a person who is half you and half them.

By ordering matching charms as Christmas presents for each other, our customers decided there was no better way to express this life changing experience than with their daughter

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