More than just a piece of jewellery



When I started Two Green Lane, I did it because of my love of creating beautiful fine silver jewellery. Since having my daughter, Esme, it has made me more aware how precious life is. One of the reasons I took the decision to set up the business rather than return to my corporate job was so that I could combine it with being a full time Mum and not miss out on all the milestones. I have always held such a passion for crafts so could not pass up the opportunity to have my dream career, running my dream business.

As people placed orders and made enquiries I felt grateful that they had chosen us to produce their keepsake to capture a moment in time and with time passing quickly, you want to remember as much as you can.

However, what has really humbled me are some of the enquiries I have received from people. I had and enquiry about a gift for someone who tragically lost two babies and another enquiry about someone

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